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Occupational Health and Safety


Health and Safety is of critical importance to Pacific Hunt Energy. We pride ourselves in maintaining a culture of safety awareness. It is our priority to ensure that all our employees, contractors, subcontractors, and visitors work in safe conditions and are able to leave our site safe and in good health. In order to meet this objective, we have adopted the principles of the hierarchy of controls. The priority should be on removing a hazard, and when that is not possible, to replace the hazard with a less serious one. Personal protective equipment is the final stage. The hierarchy of controls is presented in the table below.


Pacific Hunt Energy assesses risks continuously before and during field operations. Only with rigorous risk management can we ensure working conditions are as safe as possible to all our employees. Our contractors, subcontractors, and visitors must be committed to our safe working practices prior to entering any operational sites.


Operating in tropical conditions comes with its own challenges, and because of this, we work closely with international specialists in order to stay on top of the health and safety developments in our operational areas, and in Myanmar in general.



Our ESIA Reports 

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 Safe Access Initiative


Pacific Hunt Energy operates in one of the most beautiful, but also on one of the most remote onshore blocks in Myanmar, PSC C-1. Located in the rugged rainforests of Northern Myanmar, site access is difficult and at times hazardous. In order to make travel within the block safer, Pacific Hunt is undertaking a safe access initiative by planning better access roads to ensure safe entry and egress from the area.


By cooperating with the relevant government authorities, we plan to prepare all weather roads which will safely carry both Pacific Hunt employees and contractors, as well as the local residents, for years to come.







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