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Pacific Hunt Energy is honoured to have been granted the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful parts of Myanmar. But with that privilege comes the responsibility to act as custodians to diverse flora and fauna of this unique country.


PSC C-1 is located in the northern Sagaing province of Myanmar and its beautiful jungles provide home to thousands of plant and animal species including many endemic and threatened species. From the ancient teak forests of PSC C-1 to the populous rice paddy farming region of PSC H, Pacific Hunt’s operational areas provide locals with the food they eat, their livelihoods and even the air they breathe. This is a delicate and unique balance that must be protected.


We are committed to operating in a sustainable way so that future generations are able to enjoy the same multiple dimensions of the surrounding environment as we do. Our goal is to have the lightest possible environmental footprint, with a policy of zero long term harm.


Pacific Hunt Energy and its contractors employ world class environmental management practices including a range of modern prevention, minimization and mitigation techniques. Pacific Hunt Energy is committed to the use of these primary and secondary actions in order to protect the environment.






Pacific Hunt Energy cooperates closely with the environmental and oil and gas regulatory authorities MONREC and MOGE to ensure that zero [irreplacable] damage is done to the pristine nature of Maharmyaing Wildlife Sanctuary and the Moyingyi Bird Sanctuary, which are situated near our onshore operations. Our sustainability team has created plans to minimize impacts on these environmentally vulnerable areas over and above our standard zero harm practices. By working together and combining our expertise of the industry, the Government’s and the local residents’ knowledge of their surroundings we can achieve operations that will be satisfactory to all.




Our natural environment is an important global resource that belongs to us all. Because of this, Pacific Hunt Energy supports transparent operations and is committed to releasing its environmental reports on its website.


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