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Corporate Social Responsibility  


Just like individuals, every community is different. Our needs, wants, and dreams cover a diverse range and so do those of communities. This is why Pacific Hunt Energy has made it a priority to get to know the communities with whom we share mutual environment and with whom we wish to cooperate.


Through extensive community consultations, Pacific Hunt Energy is continuing to develop specific individualized community and social responsibility programs tailored to the needs of the villages, towns, and regions in which we operate. Pacific Hunt Energy together with its trusted local partner Young Investment Group is committed to having a positive impact on the areas in which we operate, helping local children and adults alike to have a better tomorrow.


Through regular consultations with local communities and discussions with local authorities, we have been identified key developmental issues of concern to the locals in both blocks. PSC C-1 located in Sagaing Region is sparsely populated with a majority of people living in villages, whose priority is the improvement of schools and provision of school supplies as well as medical supplies.


In PSC H in the Bago Region people live in either large cities or the populous farmland regions surrounding those cities. While priorities for these communities also are school and medical supplies, they have also identified the provision of medical training and safe drinking water as being critically important to them.

Community Consultation

Community Consultation with Bago Residents and local Authorities





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