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Oil And Gas Market In Burma About To Take Off

By Seeking Alpha, August 1, 2014, Jeff Opdyke



  • Last week, I returned to Burma to research my latest book. And my, how times have changed.
  • That's the dichotomy of Burma today: Invest early and deal with the risks as your money doubles or triples in value... or rises 10- or even 100-fold.
  • Or wait, and lose out on one of the last opportunities to invest in nascent capitalism.

The country's not much when you look at it. The political situation is in disarray and confusion, and despite attempts at democratic reform, the military still maintains a tight rein over the people.

But if you look beyond the veneer, the oil and gas market in Burma could represent a valuable yet timely opportunity in an economy that has, until recently, been suppressed by government scrutiny.

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