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Grant Petersen
Managing Director
Grant Petersen is one of the founders of Pacific Hunt Energy. Mr. Petersen has over 35 years of entrepreneurial experiences globally. He has extensive experience in investing and dealing in emerging markets and has spearheaded numerous corporate ventures and businesses which include the Kotaneelee Gas Project. Mr. Petersen is an early pioneer into Myanmar and has strong domain knowledge and understanding of this last frontier market. Mr. Petersen has developed strong relationships with both Myanmar governments and businesses.

Tamara Makaryan
Director and Myanmar Country Manager
Tamara Makaryan has 10 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas sector with significant industry players, like PetroAlliance, Schlumberger Group, and Russian Nobel Oil Group. During the last years, Ms. Makaryan has been leading several multi-million petroleum and mining projects in South East Asia and Africa. Ms. Makaryan holds a Degree with Honors in Management and Law. Her background provides the Board with broad expertise in Myanmar and international legal and operational issues.

Fiona Tan
Financial Controller
Fiona Tan has been the financial controller of Pacific Hunt Energy since 2013. In addition to providing support and accurate reporting to assist management in key business decisions, Fiona also rigorously ensures that the company's statutory and corporate obligations in multiple jurisdictions are met. Prior to joining Pacific Hunt Energy, Fiona spent over 10 years working for various international companies in accounting and cash flow roles. Fiona holds a Masters Degree in Science and a Diploma in Accounts and Management.


Subsurface Team          

Nout den Boer
Operations Geologist and Project Manager
Nout is an all-rounded development and production geologist with over 30 years’ experience in the international energy industry (including the oil, gas and geothermal sectors). He specializes in well planning, a senior operational supervisor of drilling operations and is responsible for the technical elements in tendering processes. He has extensive experience in field development planning, reservoir uncertainty management, project economics, unitization projects, due diligence studies and is an experienced Petrel user. He has also previously worked as a HSE manager with Shell.


Christiaan van der Harst
Reservoir Engineer and Economics

Christiaan is PanTerra’s Chief Reservoir Engineer and an experienced Petroleum Engineer. He previously worked for Shell in the Middle East, Malaysia, Brunei, the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands.  He specializes in production forecasting, development planning, reserves estimation, portfolio analysis, recovery factor benchmarking, economic evaluation, EOR, reservoir simulation and opportunity identification for oil and gas fields. He holds an M.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Coen Leo
Chief Geoscience

Coen is PanTerra’s Chief Geologist and has an extensive background as a geologist and technical advisor. He has carried out many seismic interpretation projects, basin modeling and regional studies, and was involved in developing drillable E&P prospects in several countries like the Netherlands, Thailand, Norway, and Trinidad and led field development studies there. Later, Coen embraced various roles as a technical advisor, advocating team building that combines technical evaluations with commercial decision-making and risk evaluation, in order to pursue the right investment decisions in a multi-national environment. Coen has worked previously on the Myanmar licences of Pacific Hunt Energy.


Ulf Boker
Support for Operations Geologist

Ulf is a geoscientist, petrophysicist and an experienced Petrel modeller. He joined PanTerra in 2011, and has since conducted many small and large (300 well) petrophysical evaluation projects in various geological settings. He is also very experienced in seismic interpretations both in Petrel and Kingdom software, and has built a number of complex static models in clastic and carbonate environments. Ulf worked previously on the Myanmar licences of Pacific Hunt Energy.


Chris Maaijwee
G&G Geoscientist
Chris is a geoscientist with 9 years’ experience, working on projects in Holland, Nigeria, Russia and Suriname. He is involved in seismic interpretation, petrophysical evaluation, 3D model building and uncertainty analysis for both petroleum and geothermal projects. Since 2014 Chris has been working as a project geoscientist in the geoscience team and, in that role, has acted as project manager for a number of exploration and development studies.


Mojtaba Talebian
Reservoir Engineer

Mojtaba is a Reservoir Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, working in multi-disciplinary teams. He is a well test analysis expert.  He has also carried out integrated reservoir studies and reservoir simulation, uncertainty analysis, reserves assessments and certification and petroleum economic modelling.  Mojtaba has a strong mathematical and analytical background, proven track record of delivering high quality successful projects concerning field development in Europe, Asia and Africa and is highly organised and result-oriented. He is also an expert user of Eclipse, Petrel RE, and PVT and well test softwares like Fekete, Harmony and Prosper. 


Ad Hagelaars
Completion Specialist/Production Technologist 

Ad joined PanTerra in May 2017 after a long career with Shell Exploration and Production in the Netherlands, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and Russia ,where  he held key appointments in technical, commercial and managerial positions such as Well Stimulation Manager, Head of Production Technology, Well, Reservoir and Facility Management (WRFM) Manager, Senior Internal Auditor, Asset Manager and Head of Business Improvement. He is trained as a hands-on Production Technologist and Petroleum Engineer.


Kirsten Brautigam
G&G Geoscientist
Kirsten joined PanTerra in 2013 as a geoscientist within the Exploration and Appraisal team after working as a shallow subsurface consultant at engineering agency Oranjewoud. In PanTerra she has worked, amongst other projects, on seismic interpretation and prospect evaluation of onshore Niger Delta licences, petrophysical interpretation of wells in Algeria, Iran and the Netherlands, missed pay evaluation of wells in the Dutch offshore and various geological feasibility studies of geothermal projects in the Netherlands.


Sam Collin
Sam is a geoscientist, modeller and economist. He joined PanTerra in 2014 and has reviewed, built and improved over 15 static models, in both carbonate and clastic environments, on four continents. Having a strong preference for complex datasets and numerical models, Sam evolved into an economic modeller in parallel with his geoscience work. He has been responsible for economic feasibility screenings and NPV estimates for CPR’s by implementing price and expenditure forecasts including abandonment.


Paul van den Hoek
Geomechanical, Specialist, QC 
Paul holds a PhD in Physics and is a seasoned professional with 27 years’ of experience in the oil and gas industry. He is a specialist in reservoir geomechanics, pressure transient analysis and waterflooding/EOR displacement. He is the “founding father” of various Shell proprietary workflows and software in the geomechanics, reservoir engineering and production engineering domains, including wellbore stability, sand production, frac prediction, and produced water injection. He executed Pore Pressure Prediction and Wellbore Stability workflows. He is the co-author of 85 external publications. 


Nick Fitzgerald
Chief Geophysicist
Nick Fitzgerald is a Chief Geophysicist with over 30 years of Australasian and International experience in the oil and gas industry. Mr. Fitzgerald has experience in most Australian basins, Indonesia, Myanmar, GOM, PNG, New Zealand Taranaki & Southland basins, North, West, and East Africa, notably Sirte & Murzuq basins. He was responsible for all Woodside Geophysical activity carried out in Australia and internationally with more than A$400MM funds under management. Mr. Fitzgerald also led a team of 35 staff made up of specialist geophysicists who are responsible for acquisition, processing and imaging, reservoir geophysics / quantitative interpretation and interpretation support during his tenure with Woodside Energy.

Drilling Team          
Jason Maynard
Drilling Operations Manager 
Jason Maynard is an experienced global oil and gas professional with an outstanding track record of success over more than three decades. He is able to convert his project management skills and high-level technical expertise into project success by seamlessly combining his leadership skills, relationship building and communication competence, and strong work ethic into project viability and corporate success. Jason keeps his well control certification current, has a long list of technical training over 32 years and also has many Australian Institute of Management and TAFE attainments. He has worked in China, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, UAE, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, PNG, Australia and currently Myanmar. 

Brenton Harris
Rig Operations Manager / Senior Drilling Supervisor
Brenton Harris is a seasoned oilfield professional with 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Brenton has successfully worked and managed some of the world’s largest onshore and offshore rigs and project managed numerous major rig upgrades, re-fits and re-certifications. He has predominately worked as a Drilling Supervisor for the last 10 years on numerous diverse projects including HP / HT wells, conventional deviated oil and gas wells, Geo-thermal wells and CSG wells. He has a proven track record drilling and delivering complex and challenging wells whilst maintaining efficiency and achieving HSE targets. Brenton has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Libya, Algeria, Bangladesh, Chad, the USA and now Myanmar.


Shaughan Corless
Senior Drilling Engineer

Shaughan has over 30 years experience in the upstream oil and gas industry working with oilfield majors such as Chevron, Shell, Exxon and BP as well as many smaller operators. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Melbourne. He has worked successfully on a wide variety of challenging drilling, completions and workover projects worldwide, both offshore and onshore. He has extensive experience in all aspects of drilling operations planning, execution and optimisation with many years of drilling operations field management experience.


Win Myint
Drilling Engineer

Win Myint has over 30 years experience in drilling, logistics and project management in the upstream oil and gas industry. He has extensive experience working in the remote area of North West Myanmar. He holds a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering degree and has a proven track record in exploration drilling, development and workover projects whilst optimising costs within a tight schedule and achieving HSE targets. Win Myint has worked in Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar. 

 Julius Wong

Contract Specialist

Julius Wong is the Contracts Specialist for Pacific Hunt Energy. He has over 25 years of pre and post award contract management experience gained across building construction, utilities, defence, aerospace, and the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Pacific Hunt Energy, he has served over 5 years as a Contracts Specialist for Repsol (formerly Talisman Energy) on their PNG exploration drilling operations – covering multiple categories including drilling. He holds a Bachelor degree in Construction Management and is a results-driven professional with a proven track record in administering projects, collaborating with project teams, and implementing sound contract management processes to deliver successful outcomes.

Operations Support Team          
Nina Koskinen
Coordinator of Sustainable Development
Nina Koskinen joined Pacific Hunt Energy in 2014 as Coordinator of Sustainable Development after having worked with Pacific LNG Operations Pte. Ltd. in portfolio management. Ms. Koskinen brings in knowledge of operating in developing countries and stakeholder relations. She holds a Master’s Degree in social sciences with a specialization in sustainable development.
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Blair Petersen
Construction and Maintenance Manager/UAV 
Blair Petersen is the Drilling and Logistics Manager for Pacific Hunt Energy and Pacific Hunt Energy’s drilling subsidiary Hunt Energy and Minerals Co Pty Ltd. Mr. Petersen has over 8 years of experience in the construction and logistics industry, as well as over 7 years in the Oil and Gas exploration & drilling industry in remote areas such as The North West Territories, Myanmar and the Cooper Basin, South Australia.

Kyaw Kyaw Naing
Government Relations Manager
Kyaw Kyaw Naing is the Government Relations Manager for Pacific Hunt Energy. He has over 5 years of significant experience in the oil and gas industry and Thilawa Port Project. Prior to joining Pacific Hunt Energy, he served as an operations safety manager, worksite controller, training officer and permitting coordinator. He has also worked as a Heavy Equipment service engineer. He holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and has completed multiple HSE training and programmes, including Oil and Gas Production Operations course at INSTEP, Malaysia.



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